Revealing true beauty, naturally

Linton’s is a luxurious and fiercely trending beauty spot. Its name is inspired by those of the enterprise owners, Lintle Tsoake and Hilton Mutariswa, both of whom envision an inclusive, stylish and fabulously deluxe space where each unique individual can enhance their inner beauty and express their stunning originality. Lintle Tsoake is a Mining Engineer and she embodies the essence of elegance, along with a passionate sense of determination, setting the standard for young professional women in a male-dominated work environment.

Hilton Mutariswa is the founder & president of Billioné Rikko, an exquisite and luxurious leather sneaker brand located in the UK. Hilton has expanded his family leather trade business into the world of fashion. As a designer himself, he makes use of premium South African leather as a glamorous fabric in European fashions, producing defiantly stylish and highly sought-after creations. Linton’s offers specialised unisex services that nourish hair, polish nails, and celebrate the dazzling uniqueness of each and every client. The space exhibits a modern-retro style and, of course, features a designated ‘Instagram Corner’ inside the salon.


For girls, guys and kids — from a wash, cut and style, to adding those gorgeous extensions, Linton’s provides expert service and advice from our friendly and professional stylists.


Growing dreadlocks is a process, and we know that. We carefully nurse your dreads from start to finish, and everything in-between.

Make Up

Classy, charming, elegant. Our make-up artists are committed to the perfect balance between glamour and sophistication that brings out the vibrance of your natural beauty.


We make sure that your hands and feet are no less gorgeous than the rest of you. Our nails and foot treatments will leave you looking and feeling absolutely fabulous.

Linton's Wall Of Fame
Connect with local celebrities while you Get your Linton’s on in our Unique Instagram Corner. Designed to showcase your natural, undeniable beauty. #GetYourLintonsOn
Hair, professionally styled, naturally beautiful

When Linton’s styles your tresses, you can’t imagine anyone else styling them. Choosing a salon is as stressful as choosing a new hairstyle, yet when you find one, it becomes like a kismet.

Dreadlocks, Africa personified
At Linton’s, we make sure your locs are taken care of. It doesn’t matter the length nor the type of hair you may have; we’ll get you sorted. We nurse your dreadlocks at all stages — from starting locs, right up to mature dreads.
Enhancing your natural beauty

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Our beauty specialists will bring out your stunning features in a way that is simply gorgeous. Whatever the occasion, Linton’s will have you looking, and feeling, your most beautiful and confident self.

Make Up
Nails for every occasion, the perfect complement
Beautifully manicured nails are hard not to notice. From french mani’s, to gel nails, to luxurious pedi’s — we’ve got you covered. Our expert nails technicians are here to make sure your dream nails become a reality.
Don't just take our word for it. Listen to the lyrics that some of our customers are singing
Linton's is not just offering services that it prides itself with, but it's an experience of being treated as an individual that has what it takes to be there. Linton's builds lasting relationships in a welcoming and chilled environment. At Linton's, when you walk through the door, you have the team's utmost attention.

Chanel Yumba
Site user
Linton's has the best hairdressers. You will really get to have and enjoy good value for your money. My hair was once styled by one of the hairdressers during the WOI fashion show and I looked super beautiful and filled with so much confidence. I would recommend Linton's to anybody who knows and wants good value for their money. The services from Linton's are truly worth every cent.
Constance Mmako
Site user
Linton's is a go-to beauty spot. It's one of those places where everybody just knows your name. Some places could be very intimidating and not welcoming; well, not with Linton's! Here, you feel part. Linton's is simply infectious, warm and inviting!

Reabetswe Molete
Site user

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Price list
Cut OnlyR199
S-Curl CutR249
Afro CutR199
Bob-Cut Wrap & StyleR349
TreatmentFrom R199
Undo PlaitsR59 - R199
Single WashR179
Wash & Blow WeaveR199
Professional ColorR269
Dreadlocks StartR599
Twist & StyleR349
Twist OnlyR249
Spiral StyleR349
Style OnlyR179
Straight BackR299
Straight UpR369
Soft DreadsR699
Pondo(Linton's)From R259
Singles(Long)From R259
Full Face(Own Eyelashes)R399
Full Face(Linton's Eyelashes)R449
Cut OnlyR199
Cut & FinishR249
S-Curl CutR249
Weaves (3 Bundles + Closure): Straight ; Add R350 For Curls
8 InchR999
10 InchR1199
12 InchR1399
14 InchR1699
16 InchR1899
18 InchR2199
20 InchR2399
22 InchR2599
26 InchR3099
28 InchR3499
Cut & StyleR79
S-Curl & CutR199
Undo Plaits(Linton's)R59
Dreadlocks StartR449
Acrylic(White Tip)R179
Acrylic(Natural Tip)R159
Gel(White Tip)R199
Gel(Natural Tip)R189